Exterminator: Escape! (PC)

IntroductionExterminator is back with a new spin-off title. Fight the mice in a new way, your style. Lights, camera, action! Get up on stage, load your weapon, and fire! They’re taking over the studio, so fight to take it back! See you on live on air!OverviewBe the contestant and the star of the show. Immerse yourself in Japanese TV and relieve stress by shooting props at the deceptively adorable mice in this family-friendly shoot-em-up arcade experience.

Load up with your weapon of choice: Pen, Pineapple, Apple, and Orange. Each ammo type works a bit differently so find one that suits your playstyle. After loading up, just shoot! Don't forget to reload. Be careful though...some might explode.

The studio is a dangerous place. The set might come apart if you are reckless. There are various obstacles that can get in your way. Better watch out!LeaderboardsCompete against the globe and determine who is at the top! Global leaderboard scores are available for each difficulty.CollectionThere are many types of mice, each with a unique personality. Defeat them to collect their card. Try and collect them all. It won't be so easy!





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