House Dating VR: Cute Korean Girl, Sehyun (PC)

OverviewDo you want a cute girlfriend? Have you ever dreamed of dating Korean girl? Here is ‘real’ Korean girlfriend, Sehyun. You can date Sehyun anytime you want in the VR world! Enjoy the dating in her house. You can complement her, and express your love. Make her feel loved. The more she feels loved, the more adorable she acts.How to PlayYou can get Love Point(LP) through talking with her. LP means how much She feels love towards you. Depend on LP, Sehyun reacts differently to your action. Save LP and ask her to show Aegyo and dance. Maybe she’ll kiss you first. Card Album : When you meet the hidden conditions, you can get a card and bonus LP. And, there are special kisses you can get only through getting cards.Kiss Album : All kisses you get records in Kiss Album. You can get kisses any time you want through Kiss Album. Get 9 kisses and complete your Kiss Album.Experience Aegyo!Korean word 'Aegyo' means refers to a cute display of affection often expressed through a cute/baby voice, facial expressions, and gestures(Maybe You've ever seen Aegyo in Kpop clip). Let's date Sehyun, and experience real Aegyo :)Music Credits"CrazyGlue" (Josh Woodward, FreeMusicArchive) is used in game and trailer.


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