Live2D VR Girls (PC)

With Live2D VR Girls, you can experience VR experience with lively animated characters by Live2D.
It is a game aimed at telling the charm of character expression with two scenarios and easy operation.

About Live2D Euclid
Live2D is a technology that can move three-dimensionally while taking advantage of the charm of the original picture.
Euclid, one of the new evolutionary forms, realizes expressions as if characters drawn by combining with 3D exist there.

Scenario introduction
A.Live2D Nursery Division
You are a classmate of the same brass band as Yui.
After classes, you meet Yui on the way to club activities.
And to Yui who appeared in front of you ...
voice actress: Tomoyo Kurosawa

B. Fuka's room
After sleeping together in the room of Fuka, you fell asleep shortly.
When you awoke, Fuka immediately next to you ...
voice actress: Ayana Taketatsu


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Diciembre 4, 2017

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