Western Bank VR (PC)

Do you remember Bank Panic? The classic arcade western from Sega in the 80's? Since we love arcade games, we created a new game called Western Bank, based on the epic gameplay of Bank Panic.

Easy and fun gameplay for everybody in a nice cartoon looking environment. The latest technologies have been used provide an optimal experience and enhanced for great gameplay.

features :

- 25+ challenging levels
- Vultures, bag stealing skeletons, waving ladies, window criminals to name a few!
- Shootout levels
- Bottle shooting levels
- Boss levels
- Addictive gameplay
- Achievements
- Online leaderboards

Gameplay :

- Use the controllers ( htc / oculus) to 'grab' the money bags and throw them into the safe (don't shoot the good guys!)
- Shootout levels: Be sure to check the safe for a picture of the criminal and then turn around and shoot the bad guy to receive a nice bonus!
- Bottle levels: Shoot all the bottles, check all around the room as they can be everywhere.
- Boss levels: Try to shoot or dodge the bombs, the shooting barrels can be destroyed!

Optimized gameplay :

- Game makes use of a full room scale layout (2m x 1.5m or 2m x 2m)
- Movement can be done by trackpad / teleporting / armswinger ( swing your arms)

Western Bank VR has been a contestant in the 2017 MSI VR Jam and was selected as a top 20 finalist


Gameplay Studio VR