The Homestead Invasion (PC)

A cabin tucked away in the woods, a place of peace and self-reflection. The type of place to remove your mind from the bustle of city life in the pursuit of solitude. Solitude, however, can be elusive, and strange adventures can arise anywhere at anytime.

Did they come from a distant world in outer space or from deep within the Earth’s crust? Perhaps they were formed by the very fibers of man’s worst intentions, a cosmic comeuppance for lives misspent. Whatever their origin, these are the facts; they don’t rest, they can’t be reasoned with, and their intent is singular; to extinguish mankind wherever they step foot.

Shore up your home, take up arms, and hope the night ends with this terrible enemy returning from whence they came.

Defend your home against an onslaught of monstrous invaders using whatever you can to keep them at bay. Use your nail gun to board up the doors and build your defenses, but even that won’t stop them for long. They’ll tear through your doors and barricades, so put your guns on your belt and prepare to fight them tooth and nail.

Unique nail gun mechanic for building up your barricades to slow down monsters
Relentless AI that will stop at nothing in their pursuit to track you down and kill you.
Two weapons for blasting the monsters back into oblivion.
Beautiful and horrifying sound design that builds a serious sense of peril.
A beautifully stylized world
Additional game modes, meaning new goals in new places, with new tools to get the job done.
Story mode.
Improved mechanics. We've got things in a good place for an early access release but we still have time to spend time ironing out mechanics, for all aspects of game play.
More dynamic gameplay. From setting traps to sneaking, future game modes will offer a more diverse gameplay.