Naturallandscape - GuilinLandscape (自然景观系列-桂林山水) (PC)

The Natural landscape series is a virtual tourism VR game based on unreal engine developed meticulously by Magicvalley Studio. The Guilin landscape is the second episode of this series. through satellite DEM data, it reveals to us the beautiful scenery of Lijiang River from Guilin to Yangshuo County. You can also adjust the time in the scene and experience different charming landscapes in the morning, noon and evening. You can also adjust the wind waves of the river, experiencing the excitement of the motor boat movement and enjoying rapid heartbeat.

In this episode, You can drive four different speedboats with breathtaking speed on the river to experience the speed and passion of water in this set. You can also fly two different helicopters to enjoy the charming and precipitous natural landscape of guilin.

update content
* Add four different speed boat
* Add two different helicopters to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery of Guilin landscape from high altitude
* Add adjust wind waves and experience exciting motorboat sports


Magicvalley Studio