Mech League Hunting (PC)

The galaxy is a large place, full of mystery and wonder. We said the same thing when we lived on our own planet. What did everyone do? Sat at home and watched other people do interesting things. It has been this way for thousands and thousands of years so why stop now?

It was no surprise when Mech League, after their repeated successful grand events Mech League: Boxing and Ultra Extreme Deep Sea Warfare Fishing, would again come up with a new spectacle that would capture every races attention and credits from across the galaxy.

And so, Mech League: Hunting was born and rose to instant success. People from across the galaxy volunteered to become a top bounty hunter, to fight evil alone, with friends or strangers and rise as a champion… a rich and famous champion!

Whatever your previous life was before you ended up on the doors of the Mech League auditions means nothing. We all have stories but no one pays for those anymore. You are here to be a Bounty Hunter and sent on Mech League sponsored bounty contracts officially validated by the UniCorp Galactic Enforcement Agency in order to fight evil and become awesome.


Play with or without a VR HMD
You can play the game just as any other FPS in your PC, or play it using your HTC Vive or Oculus Rift!

Become the best hunter in the Galaxy
Complete multiple missions as you make Mech League bots blow up into pieces

Get sweet gear
In your hub there's a shop full of new gear waiting for you!

Play with a friend
You can complete missions in local co-op.

Get all the trophies!
Completing achievements will get you some pretty shiny trophies that will appear in your hub.

Get all the achievements!
Complete missions and destroy lots of enemies to complete achievements in the game.







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Marzo 5, 2018

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