Robo Boop (PC)

Roboboop is a VR game for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Boop the floating boxes with your high-tech wands to set the right colour and send them flying away into the sky. Relax, take your time and listen to some music, or set a timer and try to beat the clock. Should suit children and serve as a gentle introduction to VR for newbies.

  • Dynamic game space that adapts to any play area (tested up to 4.5m x 4.5m).
  • Four gameplay modes: Casual (no timer), Challenge (beat the clock for a number of rounds), Sisyphean (a game that lasts forever and ever), and Buried Alive (a single round with a hundred boxes all at once).
  • Fully customisable game modes, including options for target rounds, escalating difficulty, variable timers, and choice of wand.
  • Gigantic, golden industrial environment.
  • Celebratory musical fireworks!
  • 3D interface using VR controllers - no laser pointers.
  • Upbeat, high-tech soundtrack.
  • Cower in fear beneath the gargantuan Overseer.




Booper Inc


Booper Inc




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