Virtual Boxing League (PC)

Virtual Boxing League is a realistic physics and skill-based VR boxing simulation!

Learn how to box, build self-confidence, have fun and get a great workout while developing your own personal fighting style!

Challenge AI boxers in five ladders, with opponents adopting distinct styles based on motion captures from real professionals!

Other VR boxing games are designed as an arcade experience, with unrealistic physics, predictable patterns, and simple gameplay. We've created a new concept that builds real fighting skills and rewards your boxing instincts!

Enjoy 5 additional mini-games when you need a break from the ring!

  • Ball Blaster is a high-tech musical arcade experience
  • Punch-A-Tron is an old steam-powered carnival contraption
  • Bum Rush is a wild banjo-strumming bathroom brawl
  • Body Bag trains your speed, strength, and accuracy
  • Ping Pong Punch teaches delicate control of your meat mitts

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Phase II

Price increases by 35%

While the current game is full-featured and functional, there is a lot more we want to add!

Multiplayer sparring comes next, matching up real players from around the world and tracking their stats! We've already prototyped the technology but it needs several months of development time and testing to complete.

Phase III

Price increases by 50%

Our ultimate goal is to produce a true e-sport with scheduled tournaments, simulated gambling, and professional announcers streaming fights live.

Players will earn tickets which can be used to unlock new skins, gloves, taunts, and other features. Tickets would also be used for simulated gambling during live tournaments, with winners earning a cut of the wagers.

Phase IV - Release

Price increases by 60%

We will launch Virtual Boxing League as a full multiplayer VR experience, highly polished and thoroughly tested.

Spectators will be able to attend live events in VR, communicate, gamble, and sponsor their favorite fighters in high-stakes tournaments.






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