Exterminate the world - 灭世VR (PC)

The exciting and refreshing VR game is coming. In this game you will play a demon that will destroy the world.
Destroy the houses, the cars, the planes, the tanks, even the zombies!!! You can choose different weapons.
Take out the dark energy of work and life. Of course, you can also do it with bare hands. Come to experience the pleasure of killing and destruction.

Game features:

1: Guns, axes, hammers, different weapons have different functions, and you can have different types of weapons at will.

2: By destroying you can get damaged value which can be used to upgrade the properties of your characters and weapons. When you achieve certain properties you can unlock different functions.

3: All items in the game can be captured and thrown, even people and zombies.

4: at a certain time, there will be warplanes and tanks to besiege.

5: Various kinds of strange zombies, the giant kind which can shot lasers, the clever kind which can throw darts , of course the zombies tide.

6: Destruction value can also unlock new levels to experience different kinds of fun.



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Abril 10, 2018

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