The game begins in the middle of the room where a chick is in a deep sleep, when a butterfly flies into the room from no where. Flaps of the butterfly awakens the chick. The chick begins to fly with the help of the butterfly. But before long, enemies are appearing with an attempt to make the chick fall into a sleep again.
Now, you will help this chick to break through the restriction.

HATCHICK is a Bullet Hell Shoot’em Up game played with VR.
Room scaled VR game will present most enjoyable and unusual experience of thrills with space full of bullets and enemies.

If you are one of those enthusiasts, you are invited to a new challenge of surviving among the flying bullets, while shooting enemies and taking the helping items, finally reaching to the end after successfully breaking through all the perils.


Acción indie


Monandol Games


Monandol Games