Alice In VR (PC)

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Abril 19, 2018

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Alice in VR - Fall down the rabbit hole as Alice in Wonderland! One of the world's most read stories feels like a natural match for VR.

  • Grab and drink from the bottle and become tiny, eat the cake and become huge!

  • In this mini-adventure Alice meets the waterpipe smoking caterpillar, a cosy turtle, singing carrots and jumping frogs
  • Travel down underground, experience adventure and listen to chatter from the Cheshire Cat and strange cabbage heads alike
  • Teleport around the White Rabbit's warren, grab books and explore the corners

  • Estimated playtime of 10-15 minutes
  • The gameplay consists of light interactions (simple grab mechanics, teleportation, growing & shrinking, and a long fall down the rabbit hole)
  • Experience vignettes directly from & inspired by the original story
  • Made in Sweden






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