Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR (PC)

Imagine the thrill of VR combined with a phenomenal sense of presence. That’s the magic of Windows Mixed Reality, where you can escape to the most immersive experiences – touring top travel destinations, getting inside the most exciting games, attending the most popular events, even travelling across time and space – right in your own home, with you at the center of everything. And with quick, easy setup, this amazing new world is just minutes away.Hardware RecommendationsPC requirements vary for available apps & content on Steam. Please see the minimum requirements per title. Additionally we've found that running SteamVR on a PC with a GTX 1070 video card (or equivalent) and an Intel Core i7 processor on the latest version of Windows works well with a broad range of SteamVR applications.

If your PC does not meet these specs you won't be blocked from running Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR however this may impact the performance and quality of the overall experience.Windows Mixed Reality HeadsetsThere are several Microsoft Windows Mixed Reality headsets to choose from, and all will work with Windows Mixed Reality for SteamVR. You can learn more about available hardware here.For DevelopersWindows Mixed Reality SteamVR allows developers to test and optimize their SteamVR experiences for Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Once you've setup Windows Mixed Reality SteamVR go to the developer documentation to learn more about tuning your Steam application for Windows Mixed Reality.