The ViSP demo is a small taste of what to come. We hope it gives you a feeling of how ViSP works and what the full release will be like. If you enjoyed the demo, please keep a look out for our release coming this summer!
Currently, ViSP is HTC Vive-only, but we’re planning to release it on Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality as well as soon as we get the chance.

The core feature of ViSP is the unrestricted building mechanic. By dragging blocks out of one another, you can freely create complex, intertwined structures filling the whole room!

Your goal is to connect your space port to all the monuments floating around you in space, to gather their energy and find other cores scattered in the galaxy.
In order to do that, you need to manage your resources, form patterns out of blocks to create special modules and build defensive structures to protect your station against enemies.

ViSP is a fresh approach for a VR building game, with all game mechanics tailored towards a unique roomscale VR experience. The game is simple and intuitive at its core, but gets increasingly complex the further the player advances and offers a large creative freedom.
Lose yourself in the calm and fascinating atmosphere and let your creativity flow while constructing an aesthetic and complex spaceport spanning the whole room!
On the other hand, you need to react quickly and build up your station strategically to defend it against incoming threats, while always keeping an eye on your resource counter!

The full version of ViSP will be released this summer and feature a “normal mode” with several difficulty levels, an “endless mode” where you can build an infinite space station in an increasingly difficult environment, as well as a “creative mode” with unlimited resources.
Next to the standard roomscale controls, ViSP will also be playable with only one controller or while comfortably sitting down in the “Couch Mode”.

ViSP is developed by Visper Games, a team of two Game Design students from Berlin. It started off about two years ago, as a small game jam project at university. The development was an exciting ride for us since and now we‘re glad to finally release our first commercial game!

We‘re happy to receive any kind of feedback, so feel free to contact us! We’ll do our best to respond to your messages quickly and to fix any problems that may occur. :)


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