Shatter EVERYTHING is the first of its kind - A 3D revolution in twin-stick shooters

Gain intricate control of a powerful attack orb, and mercilessly demolish a sea of shattering shapes. Control time for extra precision, and use all the destructive weapons at your disposal to survive.

Dodge and attck in 3 dimensions with ease

Pilot your orb like an expert with an intuitive and effortless control-system. Hone your skills to survive longer and score higher!

Drop-In Fast Action

Shatter your enemies with satisfying weapons and use your spatial sense to dodge the chaos. Navigate the maze of threats in 3D and perfect your strategy for survival.

Play in room-space, standing, or even seated

You can reach the playspace with very little effort due to the extended controls.

Climb the leaderboards

Hone your skills and beat teh competition to reach the top!


Singular Dream


Singular Dream




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