Alone In The Forest VR (PC)

CONTENT WARNINGThis game contains jump scares and loud noises. Also, it contains a character that some may find disturbing. Player discretion is advised.ABOUTAlone In The Forest VR is a horror game that puts you in the middle of a forest. Your car broke down and you need to call for help. You need to use the phone, but first you need to power it by starting the 7 generators which are scattered throughout the forest. The generators can be started by solving the puzzles attached to them. While you are exploring the forest and starting the generators, something will follow you around, trying to kill you. Hold the flashlight into it's eyes to make it run away. Once you start all the 7 generators, pick up the phone from the starting location.


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Ovidiu Chis


Ovidiu Chis



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Mayo 22, 2018

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