Conjury of Nature (PC)

Different locomotion
Walk - Target a point to slowly move to and be able to still shoot enemies at the same time.
Teleport - The VR classic. Should you get motion sickness then there is always this option.

Local leaderboard and Global leaderboard
Compete with your friends and people from all over the world for the highscore!

Four game difficulties
Try to challenge yourself against stronger enemies!

Variety of weapons
A magic bow that will set enemies aflame, explode them or multiply its shots.
Create shockwaves using a sword.
Burn your enemies using magic.
Or place traps that will do the killing for you.

Variety of enemies
Nimble goblins, fearsome bats and mighty bears and much more!

Resource collection
Ammunition, building blueprints


Acción Aventura


SDC Ventures


SDC Ventures