Reficul VR (PC)

Designed Exclusively for VR, Reficul is a rogue-like open world survival horror game. With realistic weapon handling, magical relics and a horde of dark spirits. Expect a challenging action-packed, atmospheric apocalyptic survival horror game.

As darkness descends upon the world. all contact is lost. Set in a small town in North America, will you survive the dark new world? Prepare for a challenging and unique enemy, realistic weapon handling, powerful magical relics, perma-death, and lots of eerie VR fun in this open world VR apocalypse game. The game will test your survival skills in every way, how you handel a weapon, limited inventory, observation and you really have to do some work to survive!

Built from the ground up for Oculus Rift and the HTC-Vive, Reficul focuses on every aspect of survival horror with plenty of action combat based gameplay using a variety of weapons and magical relics. With a unique visual real-time inventory and 2 hands, you become the controller as you react and observe the environment to find clues about how to survive. Observation is a huge part of the game, there are no glowing way-point markers or highlighted pickups. Survival is not handed on a plate in Reficul and each new game will have new challenges and objectives. This game will test all your survival skills!

Open-world - Survival Horror game with Rogue-Like elements
Real-time Visual Inventory (No menus)
One Hell of an Atmosphere
Challenging gameplay with a random story/objectives with each new game
Locomotion & Teleport
Bonus Games - Wave based Shooters and a Zombie Survival - Reficul game
Ghost Town - Which lets you explore the town with no enemies
Realistic weapon handling and physics
Left and Right-hand support for weapons and inventory
left and right-handed control scheme (excluding some weapons)
Immersive environments with a tense atmosphere and real sense of dread
Powerful Relics with unique and awesome powers
Procedural enemies and effects such as lightningVR HEADSET AND VR CONTROLLERS ARE REQUIREDwarning!
This is a horror game and is not recommended for those who have heart problems, epilepsy, anxiety problems or mental and physical health issues.