Worship Space (Android)

Worship Space
Worship Space
Do you ever want to enjoy a mental clarity and have some rest after a day of hard work, but can’t find your own mediation space. Do you have interest in Buddhism, but don’t know how to get started? Or maybe you have become a devoted Buddhist, but can’t find a space to study Buddhism?

If you have the above experience, then this app – Woship Space VR is a perfect suit for you.

Worship Space is a free Buddhism app which using the most advanced Virtual Reality technology, and can help you take advantage of transit time, lunch breaks and other instances of downtime to study Buddhism.


Buddha Offering: Offer fruits to Buddha.

Burn Incense: Burn incense sticks.

Sutra Chanting: Recite sutra.

Buddha Amulet: Purchase amulet blessed Buddha.

Buddha Worship: Worship to Buddha.


Chesstar Studios


Chesstar Studios