Tet VR (PC)

Tet VR
Tet VR
Tet Stack is a fast paced, puzzle game designed for VR touch.

With multiple game types to pick from you choose how casual or hectic to make the game.

I planned to make a puzzle game that was accesable and intuitive for all ages.
Touch controllers make that possible because it transforms your hands into the controllers
which means that playing the game is as easy as grabbing a block, twisting it in place,
and dropping it down.

Tet Stack is a work in progress and pre-release. Online multiplayer is functional currently
with locally hosted servers for CoOp or Versus. Also I plan to release large content updates
with completely new game modes such as Stacks, a single player and multiplayer mode where you
stack blocks on a table and lose when the tower collapses.

If you have questions, comments, or just want to get in touch, you can comment or post on my Subreddit. I'm active on the Subreddit so if you post, I will see it and I will reply.


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