Conjure Strike (PC)

Conjure Strike
Conjure Strike
For years, you’ve watched teams of heroes battle on the Floating Isles, where crystalline energy infuses competitors with untold power. Now, it’s your turn!

Get ready to compete in the ultimate battle arena: Conjure Strike is the team-based shooter you’ve been waiting for.

Wield vorpal blades, shoot jets of flames, and use other extraordinary abilities on your opponents on the field of battle. Experience the thrill of combat as you soar through objective based levels using a zero-g movement system built for VR.

Hone your skills with each class to perfection, then work together with your allies to defeat the opposing team in lightning fast battles.

* Unique classes with special abilities, ultimate, and weapons.
* Strategic team-based gameplay; No match is ever the same.
* Map objectives like Capture the Flag, and King of the Hill for unlimited replayability

Victory on the Isles does not come easy, but nothing worth doing is simple. Are you ready to join the Strike Team?


The Strike Team


The Strike Team


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