HomestarVR (PC)

This application simulates a starry sky in realism.
Please enjoy the full sky starry sky.

There are three modes that enjoy starry sky in this application.
①World Sky Time Travel
②Full Celestial Planetarium
③Starry Sky Selection

Product Features

・Full Celestial Planetarium -starry sky extends right down to your feet
・Experience a sense of depth and feeling of immersion only possible with VR
・Reproduces an accurate sky based on NASA data
・Recreate what the starry sky was like on your birthday or special anniversary
・See selected locales famous for their starry skies with VR
・Scenery of the wonderful Milky Way that spreads out before you
・Somewhere in the "Starry Sky Selection" where aurora appears
・Homestar brings you a world of 2,500,000 crystal-clear stars.


The Pocket Company


Oculus Steam


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Mayo 1, 2018

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