Let's Kill Zombies VR (PC)

Let's Kill Zombies VR
Let's Kill Zombies VR
Point-and-shoot! Do you have what it takes to survive in this apocalyptic landscape, and be the best at it? Take your chance at annihilating a seemingly endless zombie-horde and rack up a body count higher than any of your friends.

Get in it to win it and put your survival skills to the test in this expansive zombie-infested city.

Killing Zombies With Friends is the premiere way to take down zombies to liven up the party. Push the boundaries to do what it takes to win. Compete with your friends against the clock to find out who has the better sleight-of-hand!

This is a local multiplayer game -- you and your friends will be sharing the same virtual reality headset.




Pablo Farias Navarro



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Abril 26, 2018

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