Rockochet (PC)

Rockochet is a VR Arcade-style game with two very simple mechanics: move and bounce. Your player's shield launches an energy ball that knocks ore stones from the large space rock. Keep the ball in play by orbiting around and bouncing it back towards the rock. Capture ore stones with your shield for points and upgrades as they whiz by, but watch out! Don't get hit or you'll lose a life.

Rockochet starts with 10 unlockable levels and each level has its own leaderboard.ROADMAPBefore Early AccessNew Player Tutorial systemBefore Full ReleaseAchievements
30 more levels
Power-Ups: Super-bounce, Force-pusher, multi-ball and more!
Enemies: Competing robot miners, gravity wells, volatile substances!After Full Release
Level Designer: Design your own rocks and share them with the community


PixPan Studios


PixPan Studios