ROMBIE is an open-world, futuristic action RPG set in a dystopian floating wasteland. Can you, the Elite Recovery, put that world back on a path to prosperity?

Optimized for Virtual Reality, but it is NOT required -- enjoy both ways!FeaturesInfinitely generated open-world to explore with your Jetpack
Procedurally constructed ROMBIEs with unique combinations of powers
Player customization with stackable weapons & abilities
Endless progression of items & jobs to attain
Intelligent ROMBIE AI that will pickup & use dropped modules
LightSword to deflect shots & slice bots
Precise enemy damage system: take down enemies module by module
Thought-provoking story & dialog with multiple endings
In-game emulated investing with CryptoCoins
Special game modes for new challenges
ROMBIE is the spiritual successor to Phr00t's Software's biggest title, 5089.

Trailer music "The Storm" by FrozenPlain. Steam Cloud saves for Windows only currently.


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