For The Stars (PC)

For The Stars is a fast paced zero gravity shooter with a unique free movement system. Engage an enemy team in high speed, adrenaline fueled action across multiple maps. Outmaneuver enemies in a fundamentally complex movement system that calls back to the days of old school arena shooters. Utilize power weapons to gain strategic advantages over your foes and secure the lead for your team.

Unique combination of climbing, grapple beam, and fixed tether movement. methods in zero gravity create an intuitive but high skill cap movement system.
5 unique weapons are available to dominate the battlefield with.
3 levels designed to take advantage of our innovative movement system.
4v4 online Team Deathmatch.
Gain exp and rank up to show-off your battle hardened veteran status.
High quality voice chat to coordinate with your team during battle.
Quick respawns and fast movement get you right back into the action


Carbon Fiber Games



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Marzo 22, 2018

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