varBlocks (PC)

varBlocks is an adventure VR game. You will go into a wooden world and find a wooden man, he was cursed by the blocks, and wait for the hero who can help him to break the curse.
Hero, It's you? Help the wooden man to break through all the defenses, and take him into the bright world.

varBlocks is easy to play, you can grab the green controller behind the wooden man, and move forward, backward, left and right with your HTC VIVE motion controller.Take the person and go through all the wooden equipment level, help him escape from the block prison. The gate of the bright world opened in front of him.Main Features:Single 3rd person player game.
Use controller to move the wooden man to avoid obstacles.
All the small moving box in level can hit by controller.
Multi challenge path in more levels.
Time nail equipment urge you must run fast.
Feel the Danger by your hand.


Steam Oculus

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Marzo 20, 2018

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