Evryplace VR (Android)

Evryplace VR
Evryplace VR
Surfing the virtual reality has become much easier now. Have you already heard of evryPlace - a tool that will let you easily create presentations using VR technology? Thanks to the intuitive editor accessible from a web browser everybody can easily create virtual tours in no time! Thanks to our VR technology based application you can use your device to conveniently browse through all presentations stored in the open evryplace.com service!
- you can surf projects created by other users

- you can view edition of a virtual tour in real time

- you can work on a joint project in a place and time you find convenient

- you can follow all changes as they are introduced - it takes two seconds for your device to update them!

Have you been given a QR code on a leaflet or goggles? Use the evryPlace application - scan it, put on your goggles and enjoy watching your dedicated presentation in virtual reality. It's easier than you think!


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Fream S.A.