oVRshot (PC)

The difference of being the hunter or they prey boils down to a single moment, will your team watch you die or will it be your arrow that takes the match!
In oVRshot you fight head to head against the enemy team with two teammates at your side in nail bitingly fast paced encounters where each mistake is costly. There is no health bar to save you, one hit and you are dead and have to make it back before the enemy claims the objective.

Take up your bow and use it along side powerful abilities and team coordination to demolish your enemies and claim victory!

Current features
3 vs 3 fast paced competitive online multiplayer matches
Choice between smooth locomotion and dash teleportation with or without screen fade
One hit death with infinite re-spawns
Two classes with a set of unique abilities
King of the Hill mode
Steam friends integration
In game voice chat
Available for Arcades on SpringboardVR


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