Visbit 8K VR Player (Android)

Visbit 8K VR Player
Visbit 8K VR Player
Applying Visbit’s View-Optimized Viewing (VVOS) technology, Visbit 8K VR Player enables 8K premium quality VR videos to be played on Gear VR.

Key Features include:
* Stunning viewing experience of 360º videos in up to 8K stereoscopic (Warning: due to display limitation, you can only see up to 6K resolution on Gear VR)
* Monoscopic and Stereoscopic supported
* Premium quality without heavy compression
* Extremely low motion-to-photon latency that minimizes motion sickness
* Spatial audio support for complete immersive experience
* Smooth 8K playback by streaming, at 4K internet bandwidth
* Video encryption protection and can only be played with Visbit’s player

Besides functions, we also showcase 6 sample videos here, including two 8K stereoscopic videos, three 8K monoscopic videos, and one 4K monoscopic video.

VR content creators who want to showcase your quality 6K and above resolution VR videos with Visbit 8K VR Player can contact Visbit team at






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