Blackbox (PC)

Blackbox is an emotional rollercoaster ride through the childhood memories of Sami, a Syrian boy, who shares personal stories of happiness and joy intertwined with unspeakable moments of sadness and remorse.

The story takes place in the ruins of his home, where you the observer, interact with Sami to uncover hidden childhood memories of playing with friends in his grandmother’s neighborhood. It’s a story of hope for the 2.3 million children like Sami that have been displaced as a result of the Syrian Civil War. It also shines light on the dark childhood memories that each kid like Sami carries forward as they look to resettle and rebuild their lives. Sami’s story ends with successful passage and entry into a refugee camp where he will begin the next chapter of his life.

Directed and produced by the TRT World R&D Labs team, the Blackbox narrative is the result of extensive research and interviews with social aid workers, psychologists, journalists and refugees themselves.




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