supermedium (PC)

Supermedium is the virtual reality browser.

Navigate hundreds of pieces of VR content that load in seconds without any additional installs. All content is served from the Web directly to your headset!

VR sites range from:

  • Mini-games
  • Music experiences
  • Painting
  • 3D documentaries
  • 360-degree videos
  • Environments
  • Travel

Play games such as:

  • Soundboxing
  • Cross the Street
  • A-Blast

Watch fully VR music videos for:

  • LCD Soundsystem - Dance Tonite
  • The Chemical Brothers - Under Neon Lights
  • Om Unit & Lorn - Obsidian

Visit entire 3D environments like:

  • Sherlock Holmes' Apartment
  • The Sea Train from Spirited Away
  • Destroyed Subway from Metro 2033
  • The Tomb of Nefertari
  • Apollo 11 Moon Landing
  • Mars

And lots more! Continually updated.

Supermedium is bringing the Web to VR to achieve millions of interconnected worlds.






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