Hyper Arena VR (PC)


Hyper Arena VR it's VR multiplayer PvP game which provide excellent competition between two players (and more in the future). Just imagine full stadium of people (online stream) who are watching gladiators rumble on virtual arena, where not only reflex and concentration matters... But also physical muscle strength, agility, balance and creativity to finish opponent with style. There’s also spectator who can explore and comment all battles and show it to wide audiance. Hyper Arena is a perfect balance between Sport and E-Sport!

Game features:
- Multiplayer VR PvP game with dynamic real-time gameplay using immersive VR HTC Vive & Oculus Touch controllers
- Virtual battle arena (future style), where players use customized weapons & powerups (disc launchers, blasters, grenades, shields and ect.) to attack or defend.
- Real-time battle decisisions and strategy to defeat other player (be smart – survive - use different trajectory to bounce disc from walls and dodge opponents attacks).
- Spectator mode – show all best game moments and emotion to wide audience or even stream battles live
- Tournament mode for special events
- Multiple arena environments
- Avatar customization
- Customize weapons and power ups
- Addictive single player training mode


Hyperbook Studio