• Drunk or Dead - On the Road (PC)

    Enero 10, 2018


    Every epic story has its beginning… We had a few boxes of Jack Ahros, two machine guns and unlimited amount of bullets, along with this huge red musclecar convertible we’d ...
    Oculus HTC Vive Daydream
  • Alien Covenant In Utero (PC)

    Mayo 10, 2017


    ALIEN: COVENANT In Utero es una experiencia en realidad virtual, que brinda un encuentro personal y aterradoramente cercano con un Neomorfo alienígena en el instante de su ...
    Oculus HTC Vive OSVR
  • MineSweeper VR: Zombies (PC)

    Octubre 17, 2016


    DLC Programa
    Classic gameplay "Minesweeper" and crowds of hungry zombies! Can you neutralize all mines? Or you will be another victim of the blood thirsty zombies? Try new ...
    Oculus HTC Vive