Prismatic (VR) (PC)

Experience human-size kaleidoscope,
infinite reflections, strobes, colors and music.

Prismatic was Quba Michalski's first independent project after leaving his position as Creative Director at Autofuss and Google in 2015. It has begun as a proof‑of‑concept animatic for a larger, practical set. Soon though it took life on its own as a self-standing animation I am happy to share with you here.

The space was designed to create an illusion of never-ending stage while using a set only a few paces across. Drawing inspiration from children’s kaleidoscopes, I created a system of large mirrors and lights, infinitely illuminating and reflecting one another. The lights themselves were then carefully sequenced and choreographed to the sound of EDM glitch-hop track composed by acclaimed demoscene musician, h0ffman.

Rendered using a custom-built QubaVR stereoscopic capture and stitching rig, Prismatic is an audio-visual treat, that will make you feel present in its colorful, abstract, virtual environment.

For the sake of full disclosure - yes, you can find this film legally and for free elsewhere on the Internet. Purchasing it on Steam will help show your appreciation of QubaVR's work on this funded-out-of-pocket art project.


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