Ex\Static (VR) (PC)

The world stands still
Yet, my thoughts race forward

Winner of Special Prize for Innovation in Storytelling at World VR Forum 2017, and Vimeo’s Staff Pick, Ex\Static combines elements of theatrical stage design, light art, installation, and Quba Michalski’s unique vision for VR spaces, taking the viewer on a surreal journey through thoughts on art, society, culture and technology.

Created in a spirit of free flow of concepts and ideas, the spaces of Ex\Static represent thoughts racing through the busy mind looking for patterns, connections and new meanings. The work itself is an expression of pure joy of moving forward and inherent refusal to remain static.

The main goal of Ex\Static is to immerse the viewer in abstract, surreal spaces – where colors and light fire up around, like neurons in a busy brain. To fully appreciate and immerse oneself in these environments, it is best viewed with a VR head-mounted display, creating a full three-dimensional, stereoscopic illusion and virtually transporting the viewer into the scenes of the film.

For the sake of full disclosure - yes, you can find this film legally and for free elsewhere on the Internet. Purchasing it on Steam will help show your appreciation of QubaVR's work on this funded-out-of-pocket art project.


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