CollabHub (PC)

CollabHub is a VR drawing and diagramming app for the HTC Vive. Express yourself on a virtual whiteboard with a full color palette and many shapes to choose from.
Collaborate with others or have a whiteboard all to yourself with as much or as little drawing space as needed.

Graphics are fully rendered in 3D, giving a smooth and crisp look at any angle and distance with a high level of detail
Draw shapes such as lines, rectangles, ellipses, arrows, triangles, diamonds
Resize and move a shape after it's drawn to find the perfect position and size
Erase as you would on a whiteboard with a choice of different widths
Full color palette for all shapes and freehand drawing
Night mode: turn off the lights and work under the night sky
Undo and redo as many times as needed
Teleport anywhere in the office to get a different perspective
Shortcuts for teleporting, undo and redo easily accessible on the thumbpad
Save and load your whiteboard at any time
Export your whiteboard to an image file
Change the color of the whiteboard to that of your choosing
Choose from 4 different sizes of whiteboards and position vertically and horizontally to your liking
A tutorial to help get you started
Collaborate with multiple users (coming soon)






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