VR Drum Studio (PC)


- 12 different sounds to play with:

Crash Cymbal
Trash Cymbal
Ride Cymbal
Closed Hi-Hat
Open Hi-Hat
Low Snare (Handle)
Tom 1
Tom 2
Floor Tom
Cow Bell
Drum Kick
- Built-in Metronome (5 - 300 BPM)

- Drum kit height and pads/cymbals positions are adjustable

- Positions can be stored and re-called during the game session

- You can play the drum kick with both the HTC Vive right controller's trigger or by pressing down "A" with an Xbox Controller, I did this so if I chose to be playing sitting down, I could use my Xbox Controller as a fake pedal.


I hope you find it useful.

Please if you have any suggestion/feedback leave them down in the comments below.

Thanks for your support.


Nicolas Rossi