Human Skin VR Experience English edition (PC)

"Human Skin VR Experience" uses virtual reality to bring users into a microscopic world and go through an immersive experience. It allows users to gain a vivid understanding of the internal and external physiological structures of the
human skin as well as learn the related medical knowledge by using an intuitive discovery mode that gives a unique perspective explore into the layers of the
skin . When users encounter unknown organisms and phenomena in the skin such as "keratinocytes", "melanocytes", "sweat",
"dander", "tanning", etc., They will be able to interact with
it to learn more. The software can also provide voiced descriptions and explanations of obscure scientific truths about daily physiological phenomena in a simple and easy way.
"Human Skin VR Experience" provides interactive science education by displaying realistic VR scenes of skin structures. Its innovative, interactive and immersive design makes teaching more vivid and interesting, solving previous
issues with education while also perfectly complementing traditional learning.
It will give an unforgettable experience that is sure to stimulate the minds of students. By taking an innovative approach to teaching based on an active exploration system, "Skin Vision" is ”edutainment” finally realized.



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Julio 14, 2017

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