Vivepaper (PC)

Update: The first Powered By Vivepaper magazine, "Traveler" published at 2016 Nov by CondeNast, is available for purchase at China.

The World's First Augmented-VR Reading Experience Powered by VIVEPAPER

Vivepaper leverages Vive's embedded front-facing camera to enable a type of AR on Vive called "video pass-through AR".

Vive is the only major VR platform in the world that supports an A-VR experience. Vivepaper represents the beginning of the convergence of VR, MR, and AR, all on a single device.

System Requirement:

1. Windows 8 and 10 (Windows 7 not supported at the moment )

2. Latest ( 378.xx or later ) Nvidia Display card driver for the Nvidia user

3.Powered By Vivepaper booklet, e.g. from the China version of CondeNast Traveler published at 2016/11.

4. Environment with balanced lighting.


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