Masterpiece X (Quest)

Get early access to Masterpiece X - the 3D creation platform for modern creators!

It's designed for anyone who:
> wants to start creating in 3D but isn't sure where to start
> is frustrated with complex tools.

You don't need to start from scratch!
Get a head start with a complete model and easily remix it into whatever inspires you!

Accelerate your creativity by:
> remixing any part of your model - from mesh to texturing, rigging, and animation,
> find free-to-use models in the community library (or import or generate your own - coming soon!),
> export your model to your game, virtual world, or creative project, and
> share it with our community to inspire & help others!

Masterpiece X is NOT for experienced 3D modelers, animators, or creators who want:
> to start from scratch over remixing,
> elaborate control over simplicity, or
> a VR version of existing 3D modeling tools.

Get early access to Masterpiece X and join our growing community of creators who are learning, sharing, and shaping the future of 3D together!

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