Space Portal (Quest) (APP LAB)

Built by planetary scientists, Space Portal shows you highly accurate real-time views from spacecraft orbiting the Earth, Mars, and the Moon. Each month a new spacecraft orbiting the Earth is featured, while the International Space Station is always available. New missions to the Moon and Mars are added to the system when they launch from Earth.

As you fly above the Moon and Mars you can access information about their geologic features and vehicles that have landed there. On Earth, you can access information about cities and other natural features.

A variety of music choices are available, and more are added every month. You can also customize your experience by flying without any geographic overlays. You can choose to enlarge the appearance of the planets in our solar system to see their positions in the sky.

The lighting you see is perceptually accurate, such that city light, sunlight, and moonlight effects are all generated realistically - just as you would see them if you were really there. In fact, if you fly at night over the Moon or Mars, you will see nothing but darkness. A nightlight is included to help you see what's below.

Since Space Portal shows real time views, what you see is exactly what everybody else using the system is seeing.

Finally, you can also choose to fly with Carl the Toucan. After all, it can get a bit lonely in space! You gain points every time you feed your animal friend, unlocking new animal friends to join you.


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