Street Sense (Quest) (APP LAB)

Planning to get your B.C. driver’s licence, or recently got your B.C. driver’s licence?

Street Sense is a hazard perception training application for new drivers or those new to B.C. to improve their skills at identifying and avoiding hazards on the road. This initiative is a joint collaboration between ICBC, the Province of British Columbia, TELUS and Project Whitecard. It is funded through the Province’s Strategic Investment Fund.

How it works
Street Sense is free to download and use, and works on mobile phones, tablets, PC computers, virtual reality goggles (Oculus Quest), or your web browser.

Street Sense immerses you in different driving scenarios that mimic real driving conditions in British Columbia. Through the app, you can practice scanning – and avoiding – hazards in a safe and controlled environment, so you can develop real-world skills to avoid hazards before they happen.


Project Whitecard Inc.