Sharecare YOU Anatomy (Quest) (APP LAB)

Experience the human body like never before!

Sharecare YOU Anatomy is a larger-than-life exploration of the Human Body that allows viewers to visualize, understand and interact with their organs. This is not a boring anatomy app, nor simple 2D video demonstration–it is a fully immersive and interactive 360-degree experience you have to try for yourself!

Sharecare YOU Anatomy is the latest in the award-winning VR series from Sharecare, giving you an anatomical adventure like no other! It includes:

● Over a dozen organs to explore from all angles, both inside and out
● Informative labels and contextual information with voice-over pronunciations
● High quality textures and animations, showcasing the organs' functions in full detail
● Challenging self-quiz so you can test your knowledge
● Enhanced visual quality on Oculus Quest 2

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