The Gift - Beta (Quest) (APP LAB)

Let go of negative thoughts with empowering self-guided coaching experiences.
Try the beta coaching experience: "The Gift" now.

“The Gift” is a powerful VR coaching experience based on the world renowned Dynamic Spin Release (TM) coaching process developed by two of the world's leading coaching experts: Tim & Kris Hallbom.

- Release the source of your anxiety, fear and stress from your mind and body
- Release negative self talk that keeps you from having what you want
- Find answers to your own personal problems
- Energize yourself when feeling tired

What people say
"I have been far more at peace about the path I am on and feel more “whole” despite the losses I have recently faced"
"I feel like it was a weight that lifted from me by the end of it"
"I truly feel both relaxed and invigorated"