Journey to Japan and explore the traditional performing arts.

Whether you join a tea ceremony, a traditional Kabuki dance performance, or a night out with Geisha, you aren’t only in the room, you are part of the experience.

This immersive VR experience will give you the chance to learn elaborate and colorful details about the Japanese culture you have always wanted to know about, and answers to questions you didn’t even know you had.

How does one enter a tea room correctly?

What is the white makeup made off that Kabuki performers paint their faces with?

How do Geisha spend their time off?

Go down the rabbit hole and find the answers to these and many more almost forgotten mysteries and closely guarded secrets of ancient Japanese traditions.

Our mission at VR Japan Theater is to preserve old Japanese traditions in danger of being forgotten for the next generations to come, and to make it easily accessible in an immersive format for Japanese and foreigners alike that only the VR


Rakudo Inc.


Rakudo Inc.