Somni Demo (PC)

Somni Demo
Somni Demo
Somni is a co-op psychological horror game with support for up to 6 players. It is your duty to survive the night identifying and exterminating the threat at hand. In this demo you will experience the tutorial for the full game and a small single player experience to get a taste of the game mechanics!

Voice Recognition: Use your own voice to speak to the entity through a séance and ask for it to do different actions to prove its existence.
Survive: The only way to live through the night terror and wake up in the morning is for you to exterminate the threat at hand. The experience can be calmer or more intense based on the entity that you are dealing with in that session.
Rituals: After you are confident about what kind of entity you are dealing with its time for you to take matters into your own hands and banish it for good. Draw out the ritual circle using salt and other sacred items and follow the steps to complete the ritual in banishing the entity for good. But be careful choosing a ritual that does not effect the entity will only anger it more.
No One Left Out: 6 player co-op makes it easier than ever to get more friends involved in the frightening fun! (Full Game Only!)







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Octubre 1, 2021

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