Noun Town (Alpha Version) (Quest) (APP LAB)

Learn a new language in VR and befriend quirky villagers!

Noun Town has mysteriously drained of color, with many residents missing. Fulfill the prophecy of HUE+MAN restoring the world, through language-learning minigames.

???? Choose languages like Japanese, Spanish, French, German, and more.

???? Meet friends like an omniscient bottle of milk, an overworked cactus, a fitness-buff sushi roll, or a wholesome avocado family.

???? Explore Noun Town through games like fishing or working in a café!

Developed using memory science research, Noun Town takes immersive language learning to the next level with tools like voice recognition, spaced repetition, and audio from fluent speakers. Grow your skills and save your villager friends!

Noun Town is now in alpha, with early access coming in Summer 2021. Full release will include 23 languages, new vocabulary including verbs and grammar, and more villagers and minigames. Visit to join our Discord to become an alpha tester!