ZenVR (Quest) (APP LAB)

All of us want to better control our emotions and manage stress. ZenVR is the meditation learning system you’ve been looking for! With an instructor-led classroom experience, ZenVR will teach you real meditation beyond relaxation and guide you to take your skills off the cushion and into your everyday life. The growing curriculum of classes is built with real meditation teachers and proven in research conducted at Georgia Tech to teach you skills to improve your everyday mental wellbeing.

Easily fit the ZenVR learning system into your weekly routine. Lessons 1 - 4 (each a roughly half hour-long class session) are available now. You’ll also receive access to Practice mode where you can build personalized sessions to conveniently review techniques and concepts and/or to simply meditate guided or solo. We'll be releasing more lessons and features as we continue expanding our one-of-a-kind curriculum moving forward!

Welcome aboard and happy meditating!


Satori Studios


Satori Studios