Tranzient Lite (Quest) (APP LAB)

Make beats in VR - This is not a rhythm game!

Immerse yourself in live looping and music production in VR.

- Synced looping with content library, auto time-stretched and pitch-shifted to fit the song.
- Record vocals including mo-cap and replay of your avatar.
- Use your custom Ready Player Me avatar.
- Set of drum kits/one-shots.
- Use Decks to create a seamless mix.
- Full set of audio FX applied per clip or per scene (reverbs, chorus etc).
- Loop record automation of audio FX parameters and synth parameters.
- Assignable 3D control of FX and synth parameters.
- Loop videos synced to the beat.
- Step sequencer - trigger any item in the world and loop record instruments/drumkits. Edit steps, swing quantize.
- Built in Analog Synth sim and Wavetable synth with >250 Sounds
- Spatial Mixing - create a binaural mix based on clip positions.
- In game camera and screen/mirror.


AliveIn Tech Ltd.